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Do you have a birds eye for detail?


In Toucano you take on the role of a Toucan who is trying to collect delicious fruits but be careful as some of the fruits you gather may turn out to be spoiled. Each turn you will choose a stack of cards from the three available stacks and add them to your personal collection then add one card from the draw pile to each stack. The stack will have several different fruit in them with each fruit having a different scoring method gaining you positive or negative points for collecting them dependant on the type. You also have special Toucan power cards in the gaming which allows you to one of the following, give a player a card you do not want, take a face up card from an opponent or flip all your fruit cards face down banking them for the end of game scoring but you can no longer look at them.


Can you gather the ripest harvest?


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  • 2-4 Players

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