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The popular party game Sushi Go is coming up to its 10th Anniversary and Gamewright is doing a limited edition version of the game. This edition will only have 10,000 copies printed with each one having its own reference number, it will be a crown jewel in a boardgame collection.


Inside the box you will receive a note from the designer himself, a squishy strawberry pudding, a sushi boat for the first player marker, wasabi cubes to track points, a plate for the wasabi cubes as well as individual plates for each player to keep track of points. The cards for this version have also been elevated to match the rest of the components with the cards having gold accents. Though this is not all as on the second layer of this box you will receive some brand new never seen before ways to play Sushi Go with the new pudding packs with one of them adding the interesting pudding dice.


Will this be a jewel to add to your collection?


We are not taking paid pre-orders for this item as have been informed there will be limited stock in the UK and allocations have already been advised due to its popularity. Due to this we are offering a notification for when the stock comes in with our Notify Me When in Stock button on this item.

Sushi Go 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Bento Box

Out of Stock
  • September 2024

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