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The Gaming Circus is a small family run business ran by gamers for gamers, uniting board game enthusiasts all over the UK with new and exciting games. Our mission is to work alongside the gaming community to provide alternative games from independent publishers and encourage new players into to try out the hobby by us showcasing the games on offer. The board games, card games and wargames we stock on our webstore are curated with care by our knowledgable team meaning every game listed has been played and thoroughly researched by one of our team before adding it. We do stock your modern classics as well as your well known publishers though we do offer a wide selection of games from smaller independant publishers as well. 


Alex and Emily have been a part of the board game and miniature gaming community for over 15 years and in that time they have noticed it is still difficult to find out about new up and coming games by independent publishers and offers a place to give you all the information you need. We aim to bridge this gap and provide players with an easy way to learn these games by showcasing them by talking about them on our social media with short how to plays and overviews of the game and are working on producing a how to play for every game on our webstore. While at convention we are more than happy to demo games to new people and when attending shows to display the store we love to see you all in person to say Hi.


The Gaming Circus hopes to inspire new players, support small independent publishers and of course create an environment within the industry where everyone feels safe to play games.

Take a browse around the circus and see what is in store..


Meet the Troupe

Our team of experienced gamers are alway happy to assist you with any of your gaming needs. Why not get to know them by reading their bio below:

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