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We're all mad here! Science can be a finnicky thing and the elements must be balanced to avoid disaster but it's tricky business and will require both science and a little madness to do so!


Mad is a trick taking card game with a difference. You'll need to play cards and win the round to gather cards of the different elements to bring the balance of your starting elements to zero. The game is played over 2 rounds, each round ending once all the cards have been played. Each round is made up of several tricks where 1 player will play a card into the centre of the table and all other players must match suit if able to. The player with the largest number of the starting suit wins the trick and that player picks one card from the trick that was not their own to add to their score pile for that element. The player to their left then gets to start the new trick. During the game the cards will flip between science (positive) and madness (negative) so you'll need to think carefully about which tricks to win in order to balance out the elements in your scoring piles. Once 2 rounds have been played you'll calculate your scores based on how close to neutralizing each element you are and the player with the lowest score wins


Can you master the science or will the madness consume you?




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  • 3-4 Players

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