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It's a beautiful day down at the races, and the crowd is gathering to see which horse will take the lead, who has placed their bets well and who will be going home with nothing?


Win is a big game in a tiny box (the size of a pack of gum to be precise!) You'll be placing bets, advancing horses along the racetrack, gaining cash and spending it at the concession stands and enacting the horses deeds as you go, all in a bid to win the most money and come out victorious.


This strategic betting game will bring a whole new level to race nights with the game coming to an end once 3 horses make it across the finish line but with only 1 action per round until then, will you be able to push your preferred horse across the finish line first or will you be left trailing in the mud?


Only 2 left in stock
  • 2-4 Players

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