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Bunkered down against claylike mud, a foot of water sloshing around beneath you and the constant metallic bangs overhead as guns are fired and bullets ricochet of metal shrapnel, life in the trenches isn't quite what you were expecting.


Drafted into the army at the outbreak of World War 1, you and your friends vowed to reunite once again after the war was over. Little did you know the horrors you'd be facing. You'll need to strike a balance in this game between working co-operatively and taking your own individual risks as you make your way through the various trials of the war and make it to more peaceful times. Take on a variety of different missions as you try and survive the war, support each other and try not to let the morale drop too low!


Can you emerge victorious from the trials of the war?

The Grizzled

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  • 2-5 Players

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