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If you love a gentle stroll along the beach, then this may be the game for you! It's amazing what you can find along the way and in Seaside, you are doing just this... taking a stroll along the beach and finding a plethora of treasures!


Players will take it in turn to draw a token from the bag and resolve it's effect. If it's a Crab, Shell or Isopod, it gets placed into the sea and you'll get to take another turn, if it's a sandpiper, you get to claim all the isopods in the sea, if it's a beach you can claim 1 shell from the sea per beach in your collection, waves flip beaches and resolve the effect on the opposite side of the beach and rock formations allow you to claim all the crabs in the sea when you get a pair of them. 


Can you collect the biggest haul from your stroll down by the seaside?


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  • 1-5 Players

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