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Put your balancing skills to the test in this fast paced, pocket sized dexterity game.


You'll be building the largest possible raft with as much treasure as you can fit on it! Take turns, choosing a meeple from the raft to reposition atop a plank from the sea that must be added to the raft along with one of your treasure chests. Carefully choose which of the 5 meeples you'll move to avoid knocking your opponents treasure chests off during your turn or receive the fallen chests as penalties. If a player reaches 5 penalties they lose, if you manage to get every players chests or all the planks onto the raft before this happens, then the player with the most penalties loses.


Can you build up the raft to stay afloat whilst pushing one of your opponents to failure?

Rafter Five

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  • 1-6 Players

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