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Bring the excitement and thrill of an escape room into your own home with Unlock and solve the mysteries of the Star Wars Universe in one of 3 adventures. 


Become smugglers in the outer rim, whose ship has been intercepted by an imperial star destroyer, break out of your cell, recover your astromech and get Jabba the Hutt's illegal cargo out of there before it's too late!


Alternatively you could aid the rebels on Hoth where whilst out on patrol, you lose communication with Echo base. Think on your feet as you continue your patrol all whilst attempting to regain contact with the rebel stronghold.


Lastly, you'll head over to the dark side as you become an imperial spy seeking the secrets of Jedha and the lost cargo from the crashed imperial shuttle. Will you stave of the rebel suspicion and complete your mission?


With 3 vastly different scenarios, you'll be kept on your toes with varying puzzles, riddles and scenes to search.

Unlock! Star Wars Escape Game

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  • 1-6 Players

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