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Discover the peace and enlightenment of the Lotus Garden in this artistic petal collecting game. Clear your head and soak up the quiet strength of the flowers around you. These mystical flowers require careful nurturing to get to their full potential but not everyone has pure intentions for these beautiful blooms.


In Lotus, you'll be collecting sets of petals and enlisting the help of creatures native to this land in order to protect your blooms from your opponents. With 4 cards in hand, you'll take it in turns to take 2 actions before drawing back up to 4 cards. Actions include playing petal cards, exchanging petal cards and moving guardians. The petals will all be played into the central lotus garden and may be added to any flower started or begin a new one. Once a flower is completed, the player with the most control wins a reward and picks the flower. Once the last card is drawn, the round completes and the player with the most points wins. 


Will you bloom and grow in Lotus or will you fade away?


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  • 2-4 Players

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