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While filming Blue Planet 2, the crews found plastic in every ocean, even in the most remote of locations. Ocean Pods is 100% recyclable and is made from mainly sustainable products. For every game sold, Molinarius Games make a donation to the Ocean Generation Charity and offset their entire carbon footprint.


In Ocean Pods, players take on the role of Marine Biologists, researching the marinelife and protecting the seas from the ever growing amount of plastic in this world. Travel the oceans, use resources to attract different animals for your research and collect plastic from the ocean to prevent contamination. Players will roll the dice in the pool at the start of each round and then take it turns to select a resource to keep, they may then discard resources collected to research an animal that can be found in the ocean type that the boat is currently in. The animal card collected is then replenished and the round continues until all players have had a turn. The game continues with the next person clockwise becoming the first player until 1 player has reached 12 points from researching Animals. At this point the round is finished and then points added up from animals, research objectives and collected plastic, the player with the highest score wins. If however, there is ever 3 plastic tokens in the ocean at any one time, the game ends immediately and all players lose.


Will you be an ocean protector or will you focus on your research?

Ocean Pods

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  • 2-5 Players

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