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Take on the role of one of Marvel's iconic heroes in this dice battle game. Use your hero's unique dice to attack your opponent and activate their abilities, strategically play your cards to give your hero new abilities and manipulate dice.


In this box, you can choose from Miles Morales Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch, Loki and Thor. Each character has their own unique play style and players can play independently or in teams.


Miles Morales Spider-Man may be small, but his combination of attacks can pack a punch! He can become invisible to aid in defense and surpise attacks but the key to his success lies in his spidey senses and web shooters to ensure justice is served to his opponents.


Scarlet Witch however is a mistress of manipulation, wielding magic to submit her opponent to a warped reality of their nightmares whilst conjuring up spells from thin air. This chaotic character crackles with the might of her magic.


Unsurprisingly, trickery is the core theme for Loki, the God of Mischief. Using illusions to hide, befuddling his opponents and giving backfiring gifts to the other players, this character will create havoc on the battlefield and leave you second guessing what he's up to.


Sizzling with power, Thor, God of Thunder brings a new energy to the game. His power penetrates all manners of defence and when he grasps Mjölnir, his legendary companion, he can call forth the lightning to obliterate his enemies.


Which hero will help you on your way to greatness?

Marvel Dice Throne: 4-Hero Box

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  • 2-6 Players

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