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Wonder the garden and enjoy the pond you have built in Koi Garden.


In this tile laying game you will be building your koi pond from tiles and then activating the animals you have collected to score points. This game works in a turn based format. On your turn you draft a new tile from the display and add it to your pond by overlapping either one of the soil squares you start with or by covering part of a tile already in play, you then score the animal you have next to your pond following their scoring conditions and then swap the animal you just scored with the one above where you took the tile from that turn. This means when you are selecting your new tile to add it to your pond you must think about how it will help you score that round as well as in the next according to the animal you will be taking from above it. Once you have played all the relevant number of rounds for the player count the game draws to a close and the person with the highest score wins.


Will you succeed in pleasing all the animals in your garden?

Koi Garden

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  • 2-4 Players

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