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"Spud Bump" your way through this game and "high fry" your mates as you try and be the first player to cross off the 100th potato on your sheet!


You'll need to be quick in Gimme That as you take it in turns to roll the die and carry out the associated action. You'll by high fiving, fist bumping, drum rolling on the table, stealing the pencil and... swapping papers! There is only 1 pencil between you all and you must cross off as many potatoes as you can before another player takes it from you but you'll need to be careful if you have the pencil as if someone rolls swap papers, all the sheets will move on and you'll have to continue from whichever number the sheet you receive has reached!


The first player to cross off their 100th potato is the winner! Can you mash your way to victory?

Gimme That

Out of Stock
  • 3-8 Players

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