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Are you fascinated by birds? Or wanted to build you own pheasantry well in this set collection game you can.


In Fancy Feathers you have been ordered by the baroness, to search the land for noble pheasants for the pheasantry. You will do this by moving along a path via a simple mechanism, collecting valuable cards and avoiding ones which will give you negative points. When less than 5 cards are in the path you will replenish the cards to add to the path. Though you are not alone in your mission as your opponent is attempting to do the same. Once the final cards from the path deck have been placed in the row, you can choose to exit the row instead of moving, and the game is now over for you. Once all players have exited, tally your scores to see who has the most points.


Will you snatch the most beautiful birds to collect enough precious animals in a collection to win!


Fancy Feathers works with up to six players. but to play with more than two people, you need additional copies of the game to have the required numbers of animal cards and wooden discs.

Fancy Feathers

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  • 2 Players

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