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Having landed on a new planet, you find yourself surrounded by an alien landscape along with your comrades. With a mission to complete, however, there is no time for curiosity to take over, you must work with your teammates to get a new colony up and running before you run out of food, water, energy and oxygen, let alone your emergency supplies! 


You'll need to balance your resources as you add new modules to the home base you've established, overcome a variety of crises from leaks to illness, loss of supplies to sheer panic as you work to become self-sufficient on your new planet.


With an expansion included in the box, this game provides 12 exoplanet scenarios, a variety of characters with unique abilities and variable modules and events to keep you on your toes from one game to the next!


Can you keep a cool head in the face of disaster?

Exoworld Survival

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  • 1-5 Players

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