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A strange warehouse you have stumbled upon, with it's unusual cargo and odd smells, you somehow get dragged into it and before you know it you've paid over the odds for the manufacturing plans and now need to make this place work... only to discover your best friend has been sold the same stuff. It's going to be a race against time to get your warehouse running smoothly and those goods shipped out.


In Curious Cargo, you'll go head to head against your opponent, forming a network of pipes and conveyor belts to get your cargo to the shipping bays, call in the trucks at the most opportune of moments and send them off to your opponent to mess up their logistics. This game is a puzzle and will have you second guessing whether you've made the right choice of pipe connections and trucks before one of you triggers the end game.


Can you solve this logistical nightmare?

Curious Cargo

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  • 2 Players

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