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It's 1899 in the Old West, the train is full of passengers and you have left on schedule. All of a sudden, you hear noises like footsteps running across the roof of the carriage followed by the unmistakeable sound of gunfire... Everybody freeze... This is a robbery!


In Colt Express, Players take on the role of bandits attempting to become the richest outlaw in the Old West through scheming and stealing over 5 rounds. Whilst Scheming, players play action cards into a single pile before resolving in the order the were played during the stealing phase. Jump from carriage to carriage, take on the other bandits in combat and rob the passengers, however you'll need to be careful when playing your cards as if you're not keeping a close eye on your opponents, your schemes may fall flat on their face!


Can you fight, pillage and leap your way to riches?

Colt Express

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  • 2-6 Players

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