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Gift Guide

Are you looking for something slightly different this Easter? If you are board of chocolate why not entertain yourself with a new board game.

Find the perfect gift

This page has a wide range of game on offer each one has been curated into a collection to help you with your gifting decisions.


Create ever lasting memories

Easter is a time to spend with families and what better way to enjoy your time together than around the dining table with board game.

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A Little Treat

These are all games that can fit in your pocket or small bag and cost less than £20. They play in around 15 to 20 minutes making them perfect little games to take with you to event or when dining out.

An Eggciting Choice

Explore our curated selection of great family games that will get the whole family involved. All these games cost £30 or less and will offer a gaming experience that will last around about half an hour to an hour making them perfect for entertaining the family after your Easter lunch.

The Easter Bunny's Favourites

In this section we have put together a selection of games that we really adore and are great fun to play with your group of gamers. Each game has been chosen due to the entertainment it brings to the table and the depth of strategy it brings to the table.