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Take in the Ancient History of China and assist the first Chinese Emperor in uniting the Warring States  and standardizing Chinese society and culture. 


In Zhanguo: The First Empire, you'll be working alongside the Emperor, supporting his plans all in a bid to earn your family a place in his terracotta army. The game consists of area influencing and hand management and is played over 5 rounds, with each round made up 3 phases. Each round begins with all players drawing 2 cards from each of the 3 unification decks before then taking it in turns to play 1 card at a time to either 1 of the regions to earn matching tokens or into the court to take 1 of 6 possible court actions, enabling the player to recruit officials, search for the elixir of life, hire workers, build palaces or aid in the construction of the great wall. After all players have played all their cards, you move onto the unification rewards whereby the player(s) with the highest unification rating can exchange their tokens for a compelling reward. After 5 rounds, final scoring takes place and the player who has made the greatest contribution to the Emperors cause (i.e. has the most points) will win the game.


Can you contribute the most and earn the honour of having your family insignia emblazoned on the terracotta army?

Zhanguo: The First Empire

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  • 1-4 Players

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