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Welcome to the rolling 50s in the U.S of A and build your very own suburbinite town.


In Welcome To... you take on the role of an architect who is trying to build the best new town by adding resources to a pool, hiring employees, and more. This is a simultaneous flip-and-write where you mark off results on a score sheet depending on the cards flipped from the three piles that make up the different actions. From these cards each player chooses one action to complete and they mark off the decision on their sheet, you then use the numbers on the cards to fill in the house number going in numerical order.The decisions you make will increase the value of the estates as you build up your town or score additional points at the end of the game for constructing parks and pools. As you play you will use the actions presented to you to try and be the first to complete the public goals available.


Will you be the architect to build the finest town?

Welcome to... Your Perfect Home

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  • 1-100 Players

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