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Pachamama, the revered Mother Earth is what guides all living things and in Tiwanaku this is no different...


In Tiwanaku, you will lead a tribe into unknown territories in search of new lands to cultivate. The aim of the game is to explore the regions and develop cultures according to the customs of Pachamama. If you honor her teachings, nature will reward you, if you do not you will suffer her wrath. You will be in a race against the other players taking risks and deducing the best possible option while keeping an eye on what the others around the table are doing as timing is critical.


Each game has a scenario disc that indicates a unique arrangement of terrain tiles and crop tiles. Terrain tiles are in regions of 1-5 spaces, and crops are given tokens that have a value of 1-5, and each value has a different size and color.  On a turn, you will take one of two actions explore or divine, once you have completed this you can hand in 1-5 offering cubes for 0-10 points. 

The game end triggers when the final terrain tile is placed on the game board, once this has been triggered you can only take devine actions or pass if you cannot. When all players have passed it is time to tot up the points. 


Will your tribe harvest the fruits of their labour?


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  • 1-4 Players

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