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Food Fight! Ready... Aim... Dodge! Collect sets of cards, instigate burrito battles and throw those burritos at your opponents whilst dodging theirs.


In this fast paced set collecting, card game, you'll be drawing cards from your personal draw pile and discarding them onto your opponents draw pile as you attempt to collect a set of 3 matching cards. Ranging from Floaty Goatys to Goth Sloths, with everything in between as well as Burrito Brawls, Duels and Wars, you'll need to listen out for the announcement of a Burrito Battle when a player creates a set of them and quickly figure out if you're involved or not. If you are, you'll need to be quick to grab a burrito and throw it at the right person, all whilst trying to avoid getting hit yourself! Whichever player gets hit first gains a burrito bruise and play then resumes with all players attempting to make sets. Once all burrito bruises have been issued, the round ends and the player with the highest score gains the 'FEAR ME' badge! A second round of Throw Throw Burrito is then played and if a different player wins the second round a burrito duel between the 2 winners ensues and the player that wins the duel wins the game!



Is your aim as good as your dodge? Or will you end up with lots of burrito bruises?


Throw Throw Burrito

Only 1 left in stock
  • 2-6 Players

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