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Become the gardener you've always wanted to be! Use the trifecta of plants from the indigenous agricultural technique known as the three sisters to help your garden flourish. 


In Three Sisters, you'll be rolling dice and carrying out actions on your individual player sheets to grow your garden to the best it can be, with crops, fruit and an apiary. Gather goods to sell at market, create compost and upgrade items in your shed along the way, marking off spaces as you go and gaining bonuses depending on how far along the tracks for each of the items you are. You'll have plenty of opportunities to plant and water each round, growing your garden to sucess and after 8 rounds, you'll score points for harvested crops, flowers grown, how well the apiary is doing, your fruit and some shed items. The player with the highest score is the winner.


Three Sisters is a roll and write game with plenty going on to keep players on their toes and needing to work out the best strategy for them.


Can you out-plan your opponents to create the most fruitful garden?

Three Sisters

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  • 1-4 Players

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