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Have you ever wanted to be a scientist understanding genetic mutation well now you can...


The Fox Experiment is a game where you will breed your very own domesticated foxes. On each round you will choose two parent foxes (male and female) who have certain traits, the traits these foxes have provide you access to specific trait dice. Then when you breed the mating pair at the end of the round you roll all your trait dice, then try to move them around to make complete trait symbols which you'll then mark off on your pup card. Based on the result you will gain a number of trait tokensthat will allow you to upgrade the research centre on your personal player board.

At the end of the round, the previous generation of foxes will be discarded and all of the new pups you have made will be moved to the kennel — thus becoming candidates to be chosen as parents in the next round. The game ends after 5 rounds and you'll gain points for pleasing patrons (end of game scoring bonuses), studies completed (personal player objectives), if you ever won the friendliest fox award, upgrades on your personal player board, and extra tokens. The player with the most points wins!


Can you be the most successful researcher discover the genetic secrets for your self?

The Fox Experiment

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  • November 2023

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