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Dig out those Steampunk accessories and get stuck into Steampunk Rally!


A competition has been declared to be crowned the best inventor in the world and a whole host of famous inventors have gathered to prove themselves. They'll have to put their knowledge, skills and creativity to the test in a race through the Swiss Alps using steam, heat and electricity to get across the finish line with speed and finesse. 


Take up the mantel of Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla, Ada Lovelace, the Wright Brothers or one of many other inventors from across history, use card drafting and dice to find new parts for your machine, keep it running smoothly and protect it from harm. As you traverse the landscape you'll need to keep an eye on the terrain and make wise decisions about which shortcuts to take to keep you in the race.


Can you find the synergies and prove yourself worthy of being crowned best inventor? 

Steampunk Rally

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  • 2-8 Players

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