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The Seperatist Alliance had a wide range of droids in their ranks and this expansion allows you to add some of these to your units. In this box you will get a new commander for your Seperatist forces called the T-Series Tactical Droid which is a cheap to play support piece as well as three models to enhance your units. You will receive the EV-Series Medical Droid, that can treat people, the PK-Series Worker Droid, that can repair broken vehicles and droids, and the Viper Recon Droid which allows you to help your other droids hit their mark. This set also comes with 3 new command cards that are generic command cards that you can use in any Seperatist list allowing your droids to work closer together even with the new generic commander but these cards can also be used with any other Seperatist commander as well.


Will these new additions bring the balance of the galaxy more in your favour?

Star Wars Legion: Separatist Specialists Personnel Expansion

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£34.99 Regular Price
£18.99Sale Price
Only 2 left in stock
    • 4 Plastic Miniatures
    • 1 Unit Card
    • 3 Command Cards
    • 9 Upgrade Cards
    • 15 Assorted Tokens

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