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It is your first mission and you have landed on the planet of Geonosis it has been said that the Jedi have sent for your clone battalion to help them with a seperatist outbreak. As you get closer to the action you hear the thrum of bug wings over the engines of the LAAT. Blaster fire start hailing the side of your transport as the bugs open fire while flying through the air, it looks like this party is starting early!


In this expansion you will be able to expand your existing seperatis forces to include the Geonosian Warriors this box includes 7 finely detailed plastic miniature including 5 standard Geonosian warriors and two with upgraded weapons. Inside the box you also receive all the tokens and cards to be able to field this unit.


Will your bugs turn the tide in your favour?

Star Wars Legion: Geonosian Warriors Unit Expansion

£42.49 Regular Price
£36.99Sale Price
Only 1 left in stock
    • 7 Plastic Geonosian Warriors
    • 1 Unit Card
    • 3 Upgrade Cards
    • 1 Token Sheet
    • 1 Insert Sheet

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