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What do you get when Board Games meet Origami? A sea themed card game depicting sea creatures and scenes made from folded paper!


In Sea Salt and Paper, you'll be collecting sets of cards by drawing cards into hand either from one of two discard piles or by drawing two cards from the deck and discarding one of them. Collect pairs of certain cards to gain bonus actions to help you along the way and bonus point cards to score extra points from other cards. Once a player has 7 points in their hand, they can choose to end the round by either calling Stop or Last chance, depending on how the round is ended, how you score your cards will vary. Stop ends the round immediately with all players scoring the cards in hand, whereas Last Chance is more risky but if successful will cause a greater divide in points scored as a success means the calling player scores full points for their cards plus a colour bonus whilst all other players will only score their colour bonuses. However if you fail your bet at last chance, you'll only score your colour bonus whilst all other players will score their full hand of cards.


Will you reap the rewards for taking a risk?

Sea Salt and Paper

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  • 2-4 Players

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