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Put your psychic skills to the test and ensure that all the pizza's are collected and delivered to the right customers in the spookiest part of town.


Shrouded in a paranormal darkness, all but 1 player will need to use the power of intuition and deduction to manoeuvre themselves around the board in Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go to the Ghost Town. The remaining player takes on the role of the Mayor and will secretly build the town before the game begins. The Pizza Deliverers will then take it in turns to move around the board, 1 space at a time, using the surrounding report received from the mayor at the end of each of their turns to navigate their way around the town and locate both the pizza and the house they need to deliver it to. Instead of moving, they can attempt to attack a ghost or play a psychic card to help them along their way. The first player to find a pizza and then it's matching house wins!


Is your sixth sense strong enough to help you win this game?

Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go To The Ghost Town

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  • 3-5 Players

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