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Set in the 17th Century during the Caribbean's golden age of piracy, Port Royal is based upon the real life HQ of numerous swashbucklers. 


Players take on the role of 'merchants' trying to earn their weight in gold and more from the Caribbean Sea. Push your luck in this card game in a bid to earn more but if you come across two ships matching in colour, ye'll lose all yer loot! The cards in this game have dual purpose, the backs of the cards can be used to represent your coins, whilst the fronts depict either ships, crewmates, expeditions or taxes! Take it in turns to reveal as many cards from the deck as you dare and if you stop before you reveal 2 matching coloured ships you have the chance to hire and trade! As soon as 1 player earns 12 influence from the cards they've hired, they win the game!


Fair winds and follow the seas!

Port Royal

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  • 2-5 Players

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