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Do you love a good dungeon crawler but wish you had a slightly more portable version that you could take anywhere with you and not even need anyone to play with?


Well, Paper App Dungeon offers just that! With just a notepad of dungeons, a few rules in the notepad and a pencil that also acts as your dice for the game, you can have 60 dungeons at your fingertips. This solo dungeon crawler will have you rolling the P6 (pencil die) to determine how many spaces you can move and whether you will be moving diagonally or orthagonally. Create a path moving through the dungeon, battling enemies, collecting money and increasing your health. Find your way to the key to open extra areas before making your way to the exit. 


Will you make it through each dungeon alive? 

Paper App Board Game: Dungeon

Only 3 left in stock
  • 1 player

  • 8+

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