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The Seperatists have risen with their droid army and threaten the Republic's democracy and settlements, it is the duty of the Jedi Knights to restore order in the galaxy and find peace once more.


This game is a twist on the ever popular game co-operative game, Pandemic, in this version you are attempting to accomplish specific missions to get to the commanders of the seperatist army and stop their tyranny. While you are completing these missions the droid army is growing becoming a larger threat if the threat gets too great the players will lose the game. This means you must weigh up the priority of the mission against the droid uprising creating a fun balancing act of the two objectives. Only by completing your missions will you be able to fight the commander and win once and for all. Can you save the galaxy from the seperatist alliance?

Pandemic: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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  • 1-5 Players

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