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Travel back to a time where pharoahs reigned over the sands of Egypt and the Egyptian Gods were at the forefront of everybodies mind.


In this game, you'll be rolling dice in an attempt to collect groups of their favoured God: Ra, Horus, Apep or Khepri in order to earn points and come out victorious. Players take it in turns to carry out 3 actions... firstly you will choose a new die and roll it, then you will move an existing die in a matching colour exactly 3 spaces, before finally placing the die that was rolled this turn on the board in any location they wish.


If you succeed in grouping together 4 or more dice of your favored God, then you will score the points immediately and remove those dice from the board. The first player to reach 13 points (or 21 points in a 2 player game) is the winner.


Will the Gods be watching out for you in Ominoes?


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  • 2-4 Players

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