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Try to predict your opponents next moves in this card game as you secretly bid in an attempt to secure the card you want. 


In Mind Up, you'll play over 3 rounds, increasing your hand size by 1 each time. Each round, you'll continue playing until you've played all your cards. Each round is played in turns, with all players playing simultaneously each turn. All players choose a card to play and the highest card played gets the rightmost number from the centre row, whilst the lowest bid, gains the leftmost card with all bids inbetween gaining the card relative to their bid position. The card you win gets added to a scoring card in either the leftmost empty column or ontop of another card in a matching colour. You'll then be bidding on the cards you've played as your previous bid. Once all cards are played, score them all, draw a new card and gather up the cards on your scoring cards to form your new hand. Re shuffle and distribute the scoring cards and play a new round. After 3 rounds, add your scores from the 3 rounds together and the player with the most points wins. 


Can you predict your opponents moves to get the cards you need to win the game?

Mind Up

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  • 3-6 Players

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