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Take a trip to Madagascar to see the lemurs and discover the delights of the prickly pears! These fruits are highly nutritious and as such are love by both humans and lemurs as well as many other creatures.


In Mada, you'll be competing against one another to secure the most prickly pears. Each player will have their own 'discard' pile on which they will play cards. On your turn you can either play a card from your hand of an equal or higher value than your previously played card, draw a new card or try your luck and take one off the top of the draw pile, adding it to the top of your discard pile if it is of an equal or higher value. If it's lower, you lose the round and all other players store their played cards. Once a player has 5 cactus cards, the game ends, count up the number of prickly pears you each have and the player with the most wins!


Can you fend off your opponents and stash the most prickly pears?


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  • 2-5 Players

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