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Kinoko is a set collection game with a difference... you can't see your own cards!


In Kinoko, players will be trying to group together mushroom families either in their own hand, their opponents hand or in one of the face down rows on the table. Each round, you'll randomly draw a card to indicate which colour family you are trying to reunite. On your turn you'll roll the die to establish what action you can take from exchanging individual cards to swapping entire sets and various other actions. If you think your set is together on your turn, you can call it instead of taking an action to end the round, if you're correct, you'll score points, but any player with the rounds poisonous mushroom in their hand will lose points. The first player to 4 points is the winner.


Can you blindly reunite the mushrooms together before your opponents?


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  • 2-4 Players

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