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When the weather is as hot as it is in Africa, all that play in the Savannah has the animals desperately seeking water to refresh themselves. In a bid to be the first to drink the waters at the watering hole, the animals will chase off the other creatures of a smaller stature, with the exception of the mouse that is who we all know the elephant is scared of!


In Kariba, you'll need to manage your hand carefully to collect the most animals and win the game. On your turn you'll play a card (or multiple cards) of a single animal and if there are 3 or more of that animal type at the watering hole, you'll scare off all of the closest weaker animal, caching these for end of game scoring. The mouse can only chase away the elephant, it cannot chase away any other creature and it's the only animal that can chase away a higher number than itself!


Can you scare off the most animals and gain waterhole supremacy?


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  • 2-4 Players

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