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Undiscovered islands of the world hold many secrets and when the colonial empires stretched into these lands the spirits and the locals fought back using the land itself to drive them out.


Horizons of Spirit Island is a standalone game that features the mechanisms of the original Spirit Island  though offers a new double sided board and five new spirits that are compatible with the original game. In this game you will be working together co-operatively with the other players around the table to defend the island from colonial invaders. Each spirit has its own special powers that it can use and can use them to create powerful combinations that grant extra bonuses. Over the course of the game your spirit will grow in power and learn new abilties as well as spread its influence to new areas of the island.


If the invaders are allowed to explore and discover new territories they will set up settlements and cities then ravage the area destroying the natural world in that area spreading blight and harming the islanders so you must keep them under control. In order to be victorious you must destroy all the invaders settlements on the board though be careful because if any of the spirits are destroyed, the island is overrun with blight or the invader deck is depleted the players will lose the game.


Will you be able to protect your home?

Horizons of Spirit Island

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  • 1-3 Players

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