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Roll those dice, flip them cards and switch up the numbers to make the dice on the table equal the number in front of you in Flip, Switch and Roll.


In this game, the only time the dice are rolled is at the very start of the game or when you play a card instructing you to do so. Players are competing to get the dice to match the most number cards they can by the end of the game by using cards in hand to change the values on the dice. Each player begins with 3 cards and can only replenish their hand by sacrificing their turn. Every time a number is matched to the dice, the player adds it to their victory pile and draws a new number card. As soon as there are no number cards left in the deck, the game ends and the player with the most cards in their victory pile is the winner.


Can you flip, switch and roll your way to victory?

Flip, Switch and Roll

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  • 2-8 Players

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