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Step into your favourite Horror Movies with the Final Girl franchise. Fight your way to victory as the lead girl, surviving the night and taking out the killer in the process. 


The Core Set must be combined with a Feature Film to play but contains all the basic cards, dice, meeples and tokens you'll need to play the game along with the basic rules and player board. 


Final Girl is a solo game which has the player take control of their choice of girl moving around the feature films locations seeking out useful items, saving victims and confronting the killer. The game is played over a series of rounds, with each round having 5 phases: Action (play cards to move, attack, rest, search and take other actions), Planning (Spend time to purchase new action cards), Killer (Activate the killer, resolving it's actions and revealing a terror card), Panic (check for victim panic and resolve) and Upkeep (check for finale, perform any upkeep actions, rearrange items between your hands and backpack). The game continues until either the killer or the final girl is defeated.


Each Feature Film box will have it's own killer and location which can be mixed and matched to create your own horror film scenarios. 


Will your final girl survive?


*This core set requires one of the feature film boxes to be able to play*

Final Girl: Core Set

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