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If you go down to the woods today, you're in for a big surprise! For all the creatures have created a thriving civilisation under the canopy of the trees, in amongst the roots and the streams.


In this game, you'll lead one of the species to create the best village you can. Along the way you'll meet new creatures who will help you, decide which buildings and businesses to construct and select a variety of events to host. You'll need to carefully collect your resources and spend them wisely to succceed. Everdell combines a worker placement mechanic with a tableau builder and is played over 3 seasons. Players will use their critter meeples to gather resources, gain bonus actions and develop their tableau, play cards to improve their village and gain bonuses at varying points during the game for doing so, or advance to the next season, gaining more workers and an additional bonus. 


So come on down to the woods today and see if you can create the next best village in the forest!


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  • 1-4 Players

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