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In a world where Dragons abound, it is your job as a dragon keeper, to herd them, protect them and raise them.


Dragonkeepers is a card game of luck and skill. You'll need to pay close attention to the Magic book as you take cards into hand and attempt to play them, the magic book will dictate how many dragons and of which colour you can play on your turn but this can be influenced by the cards in your hand. On your turn, draw up to 3 cards and then choose how you wish to play them. Before playing cards in front of you, you may play 1 or 2 face down on either (or both) pages of the magic book to aid you in your gameplay. You may then place exactly the number of dragons of the specified colour into your play area, on future turns, dragons of the same colour will get played ontop of the stack of that colour. Once played, you will immediately receive the reward shown on the magic book. Amulet pieces earnt are played face down in front of you and when the ring is completed, you take a pearl and add it to the centre. At the end of your turn, all other players now have a chance to play the exact number of dragons of the specified colour into their own dragon stacks and receive the reward also. As soon as a player has achieved the requisite number of amulets, the game ends, tokens are flipped over and scores calculated. The player with the most points wins.


Will you be crowned the best dragonkeeper?


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  • 2-4 Players

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