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It is time to start your adventure across the Inklands in the Disney Trading Card Game , Lorcana, with these two new starter decks. This new set brings a new card type to the game, location cards. Each deck is a pre-built 60 card deck based on two colours from the game and comes with a single booster pack so you can begin to customise them and make them your own right out of the box. You also get some damage counters, a playmat, a token tracker as well as a quick start guide.


The two starter decks in the Second Chapter and they are:

  • Amber & Emerald, bursting onto the scene you have the majestic Peter Pan and Pongo with the 101 Dalmations in this pack. This deck is flexible deck that allows you to switch between a defensive stance and attacking stance quite fluidly with Peter Pan being able to make the most of locations and Pongo - Determined father being great for finding cards from your deck.
  • Ruby & Sapphire, stars the disney characters Moana - Born Leader and Scrooge McDuck - Richest Duck in the World. This is a strategic and aggressive deck with teh Ruby cards bring a big bang for their buck contributing to the aggressive nature while the Sapphire cards help enable the combos you need and making the Ruby cards even stronger.


Are you ready to explore the Inklands?

Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands Starter Deck

£17.99 Regular Price
£16.99Sale Price
  • 2-6 Players

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