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Professor Phineas Edmund Hornswoggle, an esteemed airship builder, reknowned for the quality he instills in his production, has announced his retirement. He has gathered together the best of the best of airship engineers from around the kingdom to compete for the title deeds to his empire. 


You have 3 rounds to build the best airship you can from the jumbled parts he has provided, but you'll need to play your cards right and keep your wits about you as whenver someone plays a part into their airship, you'll also have to play a matching part from your hand into your ship, regardless of whether you want it there or not! 


Complete 3 machines and earn points for matching the suit of different parts of your ship, playing wild cards or the elusive 'muddle' comprised of an airship made up of all different suits with no matches or wildcards!


Can you play your cards right to become the new owner of the Hornswoggle empire?

Dastardly Dirigibles

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  • 2-5 Players

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