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When you're in space... no one can hear you scream! Unless you're on a space ship... robbing'll need to be careful not to make too much noise in this game.


Lord Eradikus, an evil cyborg, has been plundering the galaxy, pilfering all sorts of treasures and priceless artifacts from civilisations. You've established that he's storing them all on his evolving ship... the Eradikus Prime. You'll need to be quiet in order to retrieve them, using your sneaking and hacking skills to recover the lost treasures and escape in one of the escape pods without alerting Eradikus to your presence. Move your character around the ship, hacking the terminals to open your pathways and building up your deck with tools and allies to aid in your endeavours. But watch out as not everyone is as quiet as you would like. Every Clank you make on your mission will bring Eradikus ever closer to discovering you and foiling your attempts to recover the stolen goods. 


Will you retrieve the most priceless artifact and escape before he catches you?

Clank! In Space

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  • 2-4 Players

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