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Flight TGC10223 to San Francisco is now boarding, please make your way to departure gate number 4.


Just another of the many announcements this disgruntled baggage handler has heard today until an idea strikes them... how much more fun would their day be if they switched up where everyone's luggage was going? As the idea brewed in their mind, the logistics of getting away with this also developed and now their master plan to get away with this meddlesome idea was about to be put into practise!


This game is all about bluffing your way through the day and getting rid of the luggage in your care the fastest without getting caught messing things up. Play cards onto conveyor belts, change the location conveyor belts are going to and close them out before you get caught. You'll need sequential cards to play them onto a conveyor and if someone suspects you of bluffing, the departure city is revealed and if you are discovered to have lied, then you'll have to take all the cards from that line and add them into your hand.


Can you bluff your way to victory?

Captain Bluff

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  • 2-5 Players

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