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Though German propaganda would have you thinking the the big cats, the Panther and the Tiger, were a common sight on the battle field it was actually infact the humble Panzer IV which was the backbone of German armoured capability throughout the war. As one of the iconic tanks of the war, the Panzer IV fought from the North Africa Campaign all the way up until the fall of Berlin. This tank was frequently updated throughout the war due to its sound design and the longevity it provided. By the time it got to the middle of the war this impressive bit of kit packed a deadly 75 mm long barrelled gun in its turret allowing it to hit harder and its armour had been doubled to increase its survivability. This survivability was improved on further later on by adding detachable screen side armour known as schürzen this was to combat anti-tank rifles being used on the Eastern Front which later became invaluable when defending against the Allied hollow charge bazooka style weapons.


With this kit you can build your very own highly detailed Panzer IV as one of three different variants. There is the short-barrelled Ausf. F1. The long-barrelled Ausf. G with its distinctive ball muzzle brake. This was affectionately known by the British forces in the desert campaign as the 'Mark 4 Special'. Lastly you have the Ausf H with its new muzzle brake and protective schürzen side skirts. A regular sight on late war battlefields, the Ausf H is one of the iconic Panzers of the war.

Bolt Action - Panzer IV Ausf. F1/G/H Medium Tank

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