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The German Fallschirmjager was the first the world saw of paratroopers being used in large numbers. During World War II these men were at the forefront when war broker out in 1939, leading daring assaults on strategic targets on place such as the fortress at Eben Emael, allowing the panzers following in their wake to overrun Europe.


The paratrooper force the Fallschirmjager's greatest achievement would be the intense fighting they performed as they seized Crete in the face of more numerous British and Commonwealth forces during 1941. This pyrrhic victory meant that they were never again used en masse.

After this only small units still operated by glider and parachute, famously rescuing Italian leader Mussolini, and raiding behind American lines in the Ardennes. Their finest hour is their fight the monastery at Monte Cassino which occupied for months in the face of overwhelming odds, earning themselves the nickname 'Green Devils'. The German Paratroopers were arguably the toughest troops at the German armies disposal.


By picking up this box you will get 30 customisable Fallschirmjager infantry to add to your forces with a wide range of options to arm them and make your forces unique. These model are perfectly suited for battles in North West Europe and can also be used in actions on the Russian Front

Bolt Action - Fallschirmjager

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