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Expand your British Army today with undoubtedly one of the most successful and famous British tanks of the Second World War.


This tank is what is known as an 'Infantry Tank' which means it was used to shatter enemy defenses with infantry support. These tank were better armed and armoured than the light and faster 'Cruiser Tanks' the british used but were much slower. This tank weighs in as the heaviest tank field during the war and with a front hull that is 102mm thick it featured a thicker frontal armour than that of the Tiger! The name of the beast came was unsurprisingly chosen because of the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, but what you may not know that he had also been involved with the development of the tank as a weapon during the First World War. This was why its form is very reminiscent of earlier WWI tanks. Vauxhall motors who built the Churchill used it as a basis for a slew of variants from the MkI with a 2pdr gun to the MkVII 75mm guns. Other versions appear as the war progress with specialist engineering equipment being added including the likes of bridging equipment and minesweeping devices - and a favoured 'close support' option of the 95mm howitzer!


This kit allows you to build one of the seven possible variants that could be fielded for the British army with both a cast turret option and welded turret option as well as a slew of armaments.

Bolt Action - Churchill Tank

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